Sunday, February 28, 2010

Talk about motivating

Have you watched any cross-country skiing during the winter Olympics? I've caught a couple of races, but today the only Olympic event going on while I was at the gym for my 5-mile run was the men's cross-country skiing 50k race. That's 31 miles. YIKES.

Turns out it's a good thing that that race was on during my workout -- I definitely needed some motivation to get the run done since I'd been ill yesterday, and seeing this happen helped a lot:
Source: AP
Nothing like a bunch of huge Scandinavians cross-country skiing over 31 miles to make me think, "You know, 5 miles isn't so bad...I think I can do that..." My other alternative was Fareed Zakaria interviewing George Soros on CNN -- call me crazy, but that's not motivating. At least not for running.

Now I'm watching the hockey game -- go USA! Though really, I think it'd be pretty cool if Canada won. I mean, it is their national sport, after all. Wouldn't the U.S. be angry if Canada beat us at baseball or football? Yes. So either way I'll be happy with who wins.

What's your workout plan today?

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  1. i love the olympics.... i am so bummed that it is over. what am i going to watch now?! cross country was intense. sadly no work out plan for today... i did just eat a hot fudge sundae... ahh. i need to get it together. march is definitely the month to get back into the gym for me! xx