Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Featured question: What should I wear?

Whenever the seasons change, I stare at my closet and determine that I have no appropriate clothes for the new season...even though I clearly did not walk around Manhattan naked the year before, so I must have something to wear. This weekend I found myself in a similar predicament involving what to wear running on a warmer day like Sunday was (think 45 degrees and sunny, with little to no wind...ahhh...the taste of spring!). My friend E felt the same way, and sent me a Facebook message asking for my opinion:
So I figure this question has a lot of answers, but since you are the only running expert/blogger I know, I'm going to ask you :)
What do you wear to run outside when it's cold but feels warm like it was today? I have general problems figuring out what to wear to run outside until it's warm enough to want to run with as few clothes as possible.
(Note: As I'm sure you've noticed, I'm no running expert (yet!) but I'm definitely learning!)

This is a great question, and gives me the opportunity to share with you a little-known secret:
Here you can enter the temperature, the wind (calm, breezy, windy, storm, gale), conditions (sun, overcast, rain, snow, other precipitation) and how you like to feel when you run (cool, in-between, warm). I wish the current weather was the above, but today it's raining in Manhattan (can't wait for California next month!!! I might not come back).

Once you enter in the information, it spits out a suggested outfit for you. If I were running in the above conditions, it would suggest the following:
Ughhh WHY can't it be SPRING yet?! I'd like nothing more than to have to wear this outfit running...

It's a really handy tool and it's great for those days when you're just not quite sure what would be right to wear. There was one day in November when it was sunny and chilly, but not windy or cold, and it suggested I wear shorts with a couple of layers on top. I thought it was crazy for suggesting shorts, but went with it - I was so glad that I did! There's nothing worse than overheating during a run and having to remove layers!

I hope you find this tool useful!

What's your favorite weather to run in?


  1. Thanks for pointing to that website - look forward to trying it out. BTW, after lacrosse practice last night, does it have suggestions for: rain, sleet, cold, nasty!?

  2. what a cool site - thanks for sharing it! i'm not much of an outdoor runner for exactly this reason, i'm always either too hot or too cold. not anymore, haha!

    ~Little Scarlet, http://littlescarlet.blogspot.com