Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Cross Training Day!

Um, I mean, Happy Valentine's Day!

Today was a cross training day for me and as lazy as I was feeling, I decided I'd feel better if I went to the gym. I usually just do the elliptical for 45 minutes or so, but I wanted to jazz things up today so I took some advice from a Runner's World column and did three different machines. Today I did the erg, the elliptical, and another machine that I don't know the name of and can't find online...

Being a former coxswain, I've been around the erg (rowing machine) quite a bit. It drives me crazy when I see people misusing the machine (and abusing their bodies), but who am I to go up and correct their form? (Though honestly, sometimes I really really want to!) Today I just hopped on and did a 2k (not pushing too hard, but I was sweating) and then just did some easy strokes. I spent about 12 minutes on the erg.

Next up I did the elliptical for 28 minutes. I always do a cross training or variety option instead of manual so I get some built-in changes in elevation. I also bump up the resistance to 7 or 8 to make it a more challenging workout. I know a lot of people say the elliptical is boring, but if you do a program and watch something interesting, it's not so bad! It works your arms and different parts of your legs, and it has a lot less impact than a treadmill.

The last machine was part-StairMaster, part-hip adductor machine. It was interesting...not a favorite, but it was good to change it up.

All in all it was a tough workout, and I'm feeling pretty good right now! I'm glad I changed it up and tried something new.

Now for the Valentine's Day festivities! I'll be cooking dinner with a couple of friends - should be tasty!


  1. I am so sorry I didn't even know what your blog was until I saw I was getting clicks from you. HI! I know that part elliptical part stepper whatever it is machine. It is weird and hard to get a rhythm! I do like the elliptical and I read that you can replace a run with it if you keep it at 100-120 RPMs. That reminds me, need to finish Feb's issue of Runners World!

  2. great idea to use different machines. I especially like the elliptical and stairs, which are a lot easier on the joints - also easy to go into brief "sprint mode". pls let me know if you figure out the name of the 'mystery device'...

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