Monday, March 3, 2014

Week 11 - I can do this!

Five weeks left AAAHHH! This week was a really, really good one. All my runs got done the way they were prescribed, and I got in some awesome cross training!

Week 11 (Feb. 24-Mar. 2):
Monday: Lotus Hour at Laughing Lotus - check!Tuesday: Run - check! 7 mile tempoWednesday: Body Ride at Revolve - check!Thursday: Run - check! Speed work over 6.6 miFriday: Uplift Strength - check!Saturday: OFF - check! 
Sunday: Run - plus Oscars watching! - check! 18.6 miles and a lot of laying around :)

This run happened after work last Tuesday. I didn't feel like running, but I (smartly) had taken my gym bag to work and went STRAIGHT to the gym (thank you, express train!). It also helped that the Bachelor was on, which is always a good distraction. I did a mile warm up, 5 miles at "marathon pace", and a mile cool down. Now, I don't know what my marathon pace really is, but I went with a guess between 8:00-8:19 (7.2-7.5) for the tempo miles. I FELT AWESOME! Like I was floating. I definitely felt like I could have kept going!

Another evening run at the gym. Again, didn't really feel like going, but as usual, am VERY glad that I knocked it out! Speed workouts ALWAYS fly by, and added up don't amount to a TON of actual "hard work" time. Telling myself this got me out the door! I did 1.25 mi warm up, 1000m at 8.2, 2000m at 7.9, 2 x 1000 at 8.2, 1.25 mi cool down, with 400m break between each interval. I felt really good during the run!

Not gonna lie, I drank quite a bit of wine Saturday night (after having the most productive Saturday ever!), so I didn't have very high hopes for this long run. But I got up, had my peanut butter banana toast, threw on some clothes, and filled up my CamelBak (thank goodness I brought water on this run!). I ran a loop of Central Park, exited at 110th St. and headed west. I ran to the little red lighthouse (exactly 12 miles!), then ran back down and headed home! Miles 10-14 I did "marathon pace" miles, which were 8:05-8:30. I felt really good during the run - I ate Gu around miles 6 and 12, which fueled me really well. My overall distance was 18.64 miles at an average pace of 8:43. This run reassured me that I CAN DO THIS!!! It's gonna be doable. I'm gonna GET IT DONE!!! WOO!


After the run, I took an epsom salt bath (SO lovely!), had a smoothie, and took a nap. And then the Oscars came on and I had a feast! And tonight I figured I still needed some calorie replenishment, so I took myself to Shake Shack for a burger, fries, AND concrete. Best ever.
Refueling the day after the run still counts as refueling, right?
In addition to the runs, I also had two awesome cross training classes (Body Ride with Jason Tran - dance party on a bike!, and Uplift Strength - such a great class!), plus a yoga class, which was just what I needed. 

I went to all these classes via ClassPass, but I've put my pass on hold for March and April so I can focus on getting my runs in. I feel really good about that decision, but I'm nervous about getting in my strength training. I am going to have to make it a part of my schedule - as important as the run days AND rest days! 

And with that, here's my plan for the week!

Week 12 (March 3-9):
Monday: REST DAY! 
Tuesday: Run?
Wednesday: Strength
Thursday: Run
Friday: Strength
Saturday: Run
Sunday: Off/yoga

I'm not sure if I'm going to be quite ready to run tomorrow after Sunday's long run. This has been a heck of a recovery for me - my knees were SORE after that run...but not to the touch, just generally achy after the run - especially noticeable when walking down the stairs. I wish I knew what was up with that...but I'm just going to ice and rest still I feel totally better.

That's it from me! Have a great week!

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