Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Weeks 9 and 10: When thoughts of doubt creep in

Another post full of two weeks worth of workouts! I'm just lagging behind on blogging, but I've been pretty good about getting in all my running workouts.

Here's how week 9 (Feb. 11-17) went down:
Monday: Off
Tuesday: 6 mi tempo (8:20 average)
Wednesday: Pure Barre (still not a convert)
Thursday: Off
Friday: Uplift Strength (and a delicious Valentine's Day dinner with Dan!)
Saturday: 2 x 1600, 2 x 800
Sunday: 16 mile run on the treadmill since it was freezing outside (AGAIN!). I rented "About Time" from iTunes (super cute!), and when that ended, watched cross country skiers kill it in the Olympics.
Miles of empty treadmills...
And week 10 (Feb. 18-24)
Monday: Day off from work! Enjoyed long walks through the park
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: 4 x 1200 that nearly killed me, plus ice skating at Bryant Park
Thursday: Uplift Sculpt Fusion
Friday: Off
Saturday: 4.5 mile "tempo" run to Revolve where I RIP Rode with Christianne (and also saw Melissa for a second!)
Sunday: 12 glorious miles along the West Side Highway
Sunday selfie! Capris + no jacket = HEAVEN
Side note: SIX WEEKS TILL PARIS!!!!!

Can I tell you guys something? While I have been feeling pretty darn good in my runs, I had a moment (OK, a couple moments...) this past week where I really felt like I was NOT prepared for this race. Like, at all. Maybe it's all the treadmill running I've been doing. Maybe it's because I have missed a lot more runs than I have in previous training cycles. Maybe it's because my shin has been bugging me lately and in the back of my mind, I'm worried about getting another stress fracture (once you've had two, it's a constant worry...).

We all have these moments of doubt though, don't we? Where we wonder if we can do it. Can't believe that we will cross the finish line in once piece. Worry that the niggle in our leg is something worse.

I think these are normal for any runner. In an effort to abandon negative energy and focus only on positive energy, I am instead keeping in mind that I have done this before. I completed training runs at slower paces than I'm running now, and PR'ed the hell out of the marathon. I did NO strength training for Chicago (not recommended!) and ran a 3:47. I'm not saying I'm going to BQ in Paris (HIGHLY unlikely!), but I'm stronger now and running faster than I was when I trained for Chicago.

I need to believe in myself and trust my training. It's brought me across the finish line before, and I'll be crossing that finish line again in less than six weeks. It's time to step it up and ROCK these last six weeks of training. It's all for Paris!

With that thought in mind, I've put my ClassPass on hold for March and April. As much as I LOVE it and credit it with making a difference in how I look and feel, I want to focus on getting in my runs and not stress about scheduling and making it to classes. I still have a Daily Burn account to use, yoga DVDs I can do at home, and my gym membership for all of my strength and cross training needs.

Here's how week 11 (Feb. 24-Mar. 2) looks:
Monday: Lotus Hour at Laughing Lotus - check!
Tuesday: Run
Wednesday: Body Ride at Revolve
Thursday: Run
Friday: Uplift Strength
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: Run - plus Oscars watching!

What do you do when thoughts of doubt creep in?


  1. Love that you went to Pure Barre - I know all the studios are completely different, so hopefully you had a better class this time! :) It is a great core workout! (Full disclosure I'm not going as much anymore as my running ramps up!) I ALWAYS have the thoughts of doubt - I just tell myself to trust in the training and the muscle memory that you've done this before and you can do it again - rest, hydrate, fuel, and let the rest fall into place :) Can't WAIT to hear how it goes!

  2. You ARE prepared -- you trained so well through the worst winter ever and I am amazed and impressed by you. As for your shin pain, please be careful and take a few days off if needed. I promise it won't affect your goal.