Tuesday, July 26, 2011

NYCM Training: A Nice, Easy Week 3

Kind of funny how 22 miles this week is considered "easy", but hey, I'll go with it!

Three weeks down, 15 to go! Last week was what I like to call a pullback week, with lower mileage and no tempo/speed runs. Here's what last week looked like:
  • Monday: 1 hour elliptical
  • Tuesday: 3 mile run, Total Body Conditioning
  • Wednesday: 5 mile run
  • Thursday: 3 mile run
  • Friday: rest/ walking all over Manhattan with my friend who was visiting/ melting in the 100 degree heat/ drinking lots of iced coffee (fine, and beer)
  • Saturday: 5 mile race pace run (9:06)
  • Sunday: 6 mile run
Total mileage: 22 miles

I was talking to my dad about my workouts and he reminded me that my first race that I actually "trained" for was a 5k. Now I do two 3-mile runs a week (soon those will be 4 milers!), plus three longer runs. Crazy how far I've come! But it goes to show, if I can do it, ANYONE can do it. Seriously. Just check out my story.

Anyway, I only made it outdoors for two runs this week, but the heat was terrible so I figured the treadmill at the air conditioned gym was a safer place to be than outdoors! 

I did get up early to get my Wednesday morning run done outdoors where I was greeted with this lovely sunrise:
Hello, pretty East River!
One of my training goals is to run all of my long runs outside though, so I ran outside for 5.4 of the 6 miles before I finished up on the treadmill and attacked my legs with the foam roller.

Sadly, I got no yoga in this week. It's built into the schedule I put together, but sometimes I'm just exhausted and want nothing more than to pass out as soon as I get home and eat dinner. So, in addition to running my long runs outside, another goal is to work yoga into my week, even if it's just for 15 minutes.

This week's long run took me to the East River, where I not only got a great breeze, but I also ran by a jet ski party on the water!
It's a little hard to see, but there were a bunch
of jet skis partying around this boat!
After a few days of oppressive heat and humidity, it was warm but breezy on Sunday and I was glad I ran outside.

Here's the map:
And my splits:
  • Mile 1 - 10:08
  • Mile 2 - 9:06
  • Mile 3 - 9:10
  • Mile 4 - 8:59
  • Mile 5 - 8:49
  • Mile 6 - 0.4 mi at 8:54 pace outside, 0.6 mi at 9:10 pace on the treadmill
Total time: 55:19, for an average pace of 9:13. Just fine considering the heat!

I've decided I need to be less of a wuss and do more runs in Central Park. Hills don't scare me! And those bridges in the NYC marathon will totally kick my butt if I don't practice running hills. I'll get stronger and faster, too! Win-win.

No sweaty picture this week. You're welcome.

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