Monday, April 19, 2010

And then I got injured...again.

So this is cool...I just figured out how to embed my run from my Garmin activity site! Check it out!

I'll be back tomorrow with more, but this weekend was great -- Saturday was 60, sunny and breezy, which is perfect running weather. Not so perfect? My left hip (when I had IT band syndrome it was my RIGHT hip that at least now it's changed sides)! I got back from the run around 2pm and spent the rest of the day (and a lot of Sunday) icing, stretching, and even having to lift my leg in order to get it to move higher than 6 inches off the ground. I'm better today, but I'm soooo glad it's a taper week so I can rest up before Sunday's half-marathon! I can't believe it's less than a week away!!! AAAHHH!


  1. Speedy recovery from your injuries. Good luck with the hafl-marathon. Cheers!

  2. oh good luck getting prepped for your half marathon! how exciting! so sorry to hear about your hip! that's not good. thanks so much for the birthday wishes... oh, can you believe the whole simba earrings incident was FIFTEEN YEARS AGO!!?? whaaaat. we are getting old. xx