Monday, January 25, 2010


So in addition to running, I am a huge fan of baking. As you've learned in my earlier post, I have a very, VERY sweet tooth, and today was no different. I had some eggs I need to use in the next few days, so what did I decide to do with them?

No, I did not scramble the whites and make a healthy breakfast for myself. Nope, I did not hard boil them to use as a protein source in my salad for lunch tomorrow. And no, I didn't use them in a protein shake of terror. What did I do, you may ask?

I baked with them. I baked some mighty fine chocolate chip cookies, and I have a feeling I'll win some brownie (cookie?) points in the office tomorrow with these bad boys.

Total body conditioning, however, will probably not be so kind to me.

But do you know how Levain Bakery started? Levain Bakery bakes the most OUTRAGEOUS chocolate chip walnut cookies I have EVER had. I don't even LIKE nuts in my cookies, and this place had me converted. Yes, it's a 6 oz. cookie made of butter, sugar, walnuts and chocolate chips, but trust me, it is worth every last calorie. Please promise me you'll go there when you find yourself in New York.

Anyway, I saw the story of Levain Bakery on Throwdown with Bobby Flay (are you surprised I'm also a huge fan of the Food Network?) - two women, Pam and Connie, were training for an Ironman and needed something to give them extra calories delivered in a fast and delicious way. Their love for food and for chocolate chip cookies in particular helped them launch Levain Bakery and get the calories they needed to refuel while training. When you think about it, it makes sense - you need carbs, protein, fat and a ton of calories when you're training however many hours a day, and a chocolate chip walnut cookie certainly has all of that (and then some!). To Pam and Connie I say: mission accomplished.

So that's my excuse for baking chocolate chip cookies - training. OK, fine, it's not for an IRONMAN, but that 4-mile race is coming up soon and I need to fuel up! No? That excuse won't cut it? Fine, what about this one: they are delicious. 'Nuff said.

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  1. M! This blog is awesome and those cookies look delicious.
    I've also started jogging and I also thought I was not build for running AT ALL. But guess what, after a few huffs and puffs, you keep at it, and your body gets stronger and you get addicted. I can't wait to run in Central Park when I'm there in May/June. We have date my dear! And naturally, afterwards we will head to Sarabeth's for those lemon pancakes again :)


    ps: post recipes! I can recreate your sugary-buttery-chocolatey miracles in the Tanz!