Sunday, January 31, 2010


Yes, I have a totally awesome Garmin. But I also have Nike+ enabled shoes (suggested to me by the wonderful people at Pacers Running Store in Alexandria)
and the Nike+ for my iPod. I didn't get the shoes so that I could use Nike+; they just happened to be the best shoes for me and I'm glad that they are! I bought the Nike+ kit as a way to keep me motivated when I first started running, and it has definitely done just that.

Like the Garmin, the Nike+ has a lot of functionality online to help you track your progress. Every time I plug in my iPod after a run on the treadmill, I can log on to the Nike+ site and see how I did on my last run,

my monthly totals for 2009 (just discovered that one option! Can you tell when I was training for the September half-marathon?),

recent runs,

my average pace, calories burned, and a whole lot more. It's a really awesome tool and as long as I don't have the foot pod for the Garmin, I think I'll be using the Nike+. If you calibrate it, it's actually pretty accurate (I actually calibrated it on the treadmill rather than outside). Yesterday I ran 6.45 miles according to the treadmill and my Nike+ said it was 6.40 miles. I'd say that's pretty accurate! It also feels so good to see how far I've come. I'd definitely recommend it to any new runners who are looking to keep track of their runs and stay motivated.


  1. Hi, I usually runs with Nike+ outside road, and recently also considering to use in Gym with treadmill either. I've heard Nike+ sensor sometimes logs wrong on treadmill that makes me little worry, but seems you're using it on treadmill with no problem. Do you feel those numbers are accurate enough to use?

    Thanks in advance:)

  2. Hi there! Thanks for your question. I use my Nike+ both outdoors and on the treadmill and it seems to be pretty accurate in both instances. I calibrated mine while on the treadmill (not outside) so that might be why it's accurate on the treadmill. I mean, it's always going to be a little off, but I think that the numbers are definitely accurate enough!

    I hope that answers your question! Let me know if you need more information and I'd be happy to follow up :)

  3. Great thanks for your help. I impressed you're aiming to achieve full-marathon, cause I only focus to finish 10Km race in this year. Hope you have good run! :)