Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Short and sweet

I failed to post yesterday - last week was a super busy week and the weekend was no different! This week, marathon training technically starts, so I should technically have been in bed ohhh an hour or so ago...

Here's a short and sweet post about last week's workouts and this week's plan.

Last week my plan was to:
Monday: Run - check! I had 30 minutes to get a run in, and I did it! Just over 3.5 miles.
Tuesday: RIP Ride - negative. I played around with my Classtivity schedule a lot and took Tuesday off instead.
Wednesday: Run - nyet. Went to Uplift instead, so hey, that's a workout!
Thursday: Signature FHIX at Fhitting Room - check! Ben and Daury kicked my butt.
Friday: Uplift Strength - nein! Rest day.
Saturday: OFF - nope! Went to Revolve for some RIP Riding action with Christianne. It was amazing.
Sunday: Full Body at Barry's Bootcamp - check! Plus an evening flow class at Yoga Vida, which made my muscles (and my mind) very happy.

Six workouts, 3.55 miles. Plus about 2.5 miles at Barry's.

Though I didn't run much, I did get around to some excellent classes. RIP Ride was especially intense and very amazing. Christianne is an incredible instructor - a good combination of inspiring, intense, and a little bit crazy - as in, she got up and danced in the middle of the class, so not psycho insane, just fun! She is awesome. I think I'm digging her more than Kira these days on the RIP Ride...

Barry's Bootcamp was HARD (hello, sprinting on a 14% incline!), but I did not like the instructor! (Harley, in case anyone was wondering.) He just sorta seemed to be there to tell us what to do, but there was nothing motivating about him at all. It was also the first class that I'd done three rounds of exercise - don't we lose time going back and forth between the weights and the treadmill so much, and putting away the weights every time?! (Can you tell I've become a New Yorker who's all about the efficient use of my time in a workout? Ha!) 

Though Harley didn't do it for me, Chloe at Yoga Vida was really excellent. I went with Angela for the 6pm flow class, and even though the class was packed, I hardly noticed. She was really a great instructor and I loved the flow of things. I left the class at peace and feeling centered. I'll be back for that class for sure!

Now that brings us to this week...which is technically the first week of marathon training. Which means that in just about 16 weeks, I'll be crossing the starting line of the PARIS MARATHON. Which means it's time to get this training started!

I feel both completely/totally/utterly ready and not even a little bit ready for this training. I am SO much stronger this time than I was last time I trained for a marathon. I am also running faster times than I was back then. This gives me a lot of confidence about where I'm going to go, how I'm going to grow, and what I'm going to be able to do when 16 weeks are up. But I'm also being a big fat weenie about the cold - something I'm going to have to suck up and deal with because guess what? "It's cold out!" isn't an excuse. It's going to be cold out every day until this marathon happens, so I need to stop being a big baby about it. (This is something my dad tells me to do, in a loving way, of course.)

A friendly reminder from Thomas Jefferson to keep me motivated
It's time to push the limits, see what I'm made of, break myself down and build myself back up to run the fastest marathon I can run. Run on bad days, cold days, beautiful days, windy days, days when I'm exhausted, days when I don't feel like it, days when there are more fun things to do. There are 16 weeks between me and the marathon, and if I don't run because it's cold, or because I'm tired, or because I don't feel like it, it's my fault if I fall short of my goal. (I say all this, of course, with the thought that if my body is like, "HEY MARGARET! STOP RUNNING. THIS IS YOUR BODY SAYING NO!" then I'm going to listen to it. But assuming everything's in working order, I'm going for it!)

Here's the plan this week:
Monday: Body Ride at Revolve - check! :) 45 minutes of Jason Tran being awesome and me sweating my butt off. 
Tuesday: Run
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: Uplift Fusion
Friday: Run
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: Run

Heeeere we go...!

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