Sunday, December 1, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving and my December challenge

Happy Turkey Day everyone! Hope you all enjoyed your time with loved ones, friends, and family this past weekend. I braved the bus for Virginia this weekend, and the ride was actually not that bad! I had a great weekend at home, going shopping (Costco, Target, and the mall!), baking (see pie below), hanging out with family, seeing a show with my mom (OMG IDINA MENZEL), having breakfast with one of my oldest and best friends, and celebrating my brother's birthday with a GIANT (and delicious!) Costco cake. 
Mister, the cat; all-butter crust apple pie; musicals in DC!

It was just what I needed to recharge and prep for the holiday season - in just three weeks I'll be back there, hanging up ornaments on the Christmas tree, baking (probably another pie, definitely many cookies), and relaxing by the fire. I'll also be a week into marathon training - eek!

Onto this week's workouts!

This week I had planned to...:

Monday: Cardio Boxing at Exceed - CHECK!
Tuesday: RIP Ride at Revolve (this will cap off my 10 classes in November!) - CHECK!
Wednesday: Most likely OFF Walked for 2 miles on the treadmill!
Thursday: Pre-turkey run - CHECK! 6.5 miles in the books :)
Friday: Post-turkey run 15 mins stationary bike, 25 mins strength, 15 mins stationary bike!
Saturday: OFF 3.5 miles of running/jogging/walking (but mostly running!) - plus walking around Costco and the mall!
Sunday: Pre-bus run (?) Walked 2 miles on the treadmill!

Sooo even though I didn't do exactly what I had "planned" to do, I got a lot more working out in than I thought I would and I'm happy with what I did! Proud of myself for working out over the holidays :) Maybe this winter marathon training thing CAN happen?!

I also (foolishly) brought home some outdoor running gear, thinking MAYBE I'd like to go for a run along the Potomac while I was home. HA. Those clothes stayed nicely folded up all weekend long! It's just WAY too easy to run downstairs, put on a movie (or a Friends Thanksgiving marathon...) and zone out to the sound of the 'mill. 

I really liked having my Fitbit with me over Thanksgiving weekend. It was a really good reminder to get up and MOVE! And with the exception of a couple days, I did a great job at beating my 10,000 steps per day goal. Sometimes I'd just pop downstairs at 10:30 or 11pm to get moving and add on a few hundred more steps! It was a good motivator during a weekend when I could have been completely lazy and not moved from my parents' very comfortable recliner. 

One thing that I LOVED? Having the treadmill just downstairs for me to use any time I wanted! I'd totally get a treadmill in my future house, but that'll have to wait for now...I can barely fit my new Nespresso maker (early Christmas gift!) on my kitchen counter! 

Some people are doing plank challenges, run challenges, squat challenges this month...but my December challenge is going to be to use all 10 Classtivity classes in the first 20 days of the month! I think I can do it...but it will mean going to a class basically every other day! 

Here's my plan for the first week of December:

Monday: OFF/light yoga
Tuesday: RIP Ride at Revolve
Wednesday: Run
Thursday: Signature FHIX at Fhitting Room
Friday: Run
Saturday: Full body workout at Barry's Bootcamp - then multiple holiday parties!
Sunday: Volunteering at the Girls On The Run 5k and hopefully getting a run in myself!

That's THREE Classtivity classes in this first week! Fingers crossed I can keep this up for the following two weeks :)

Questions for the week...

Have you ever volunteered at a GOTR event? What can I expect?

Did you manage to squeeze in any exercise over Thanksgiving?

What's your December challenge?

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  1. My December challenge is three runs a week AT LEAST. I've done two this week already so I think I'm going to make it for sure.

    So impressed that you managed to work out over the Thanksgiving holiday. I literally ate like the world's most gigantic pig from Thursday-Sunday. Not hot.

    p.s. excited to hear you got a Nespresso machine! They are so good (we have one in Nice by the way). xx