Tuesday, September 27, 2011

NYCM Training: Running, Cooking, Baking, Beering

Another week down! And this was a toughie. It was a pullback week, but I wasn't feeling well for a few days. Eventually all calmed down enough for me to have a pretty normal week in terms of training (as exhausted as I was!). I think a perfect storm of staying super late at work, having a crazy busy wedding weekend, and not sleeping as much as I should all came together to knock me on my butt for a few days. So I took care of myself, slept a lot (aka a 4.5 hour nap on Wednesday, followed by a 10pm bedtime and an 8am wakeup), and still managed to get in all my runs, with a little adjustment to my training.

Here's how Week 12 ended up looking:
  • Monday: 35 mins elliptical, 22 mins StairMaster
  • Tuesday: 5 mile run; strength workout (two sets of 50 squats, 25 bicep curls, 25 tricep extensions, 25 shoulder presses, 25 lunges each leg, 50 hip extensions each leg; plus ab work)
  • Wednesday: 5 mile run
  • Thursday: rest
  • Friday: 5 mile run
  • Saturday: 8 mile run
  • Sunday: 13 mile run
Total mileage: 36. Not bad for being sick!

I was pretty pleased with my strength workout on Tuesday -- I was even sore! 100 squats are no joke. Getting to Sarina's Total Body Conditioning class can be tough on days when five miles is on the training schedule, so I've just been doing these little 25-minute strength workouts when I can. It's not nearly as much cardio as Sarina's class, but I get that in by running! 

I only got outside for two runs this week, but it was so humid out that I felt like that's not too bad! I'm SO ready for fall weather -- and I think it's coming this weekend, just in time for my first 20 mile run in this training! The high for Sunday right now is 59, which would be perrrfect for this run. I'm actually looking forward to running 20 miles!!!

This week...unexciting runs. Frankly I felt like I'd lost my running mojo a little bit this week. I didn't feel terribly motivated to go out and run, but I did it anyway. Maybe I'm getting a little burned out? Maybe (hopefully!) it's just because I was sick? Not sure. This week I do feel better (both physically and in terms of mojo), so I think/hope that it was just an off week.

My long run was pretty good though! It was 13 miles of heat and humidity, but I stuck it out and lived to tell the tale.


I felt I'd been neglecting my beautiful Central Park, so I visited it first, then swung over to the West Side Highway for some quality time. As I've done in the past, I mentally broke this run up into a 5 miler, 4 miler, 4 miler. For whatever reason, it totally tricks me into thinking the run isn't that long. I mean, at this point, 13 miles isn't THAT long, but it does take two hours to get that run done! Two episodes of This American Life and a little TSwift for the walk to the gym for post-run foam rolling got me through!

9:19 for an average -- not bad! I'm really really REALLY hoping that this non-racing 13 mile run means that I'll be able to break 2 hours when I run 13.1 FOR REAL on Oct. 9 in the Staten Island Half!

Picture from the run:
Upper West Side running
I love running on this path. It's so beautiful, there are interesting sculptures, usually a nice breeze, and not SO many people. It can get a little hairy down in the West Village, but for a short stretch on the Upper West Side, there's just peace and running.

Sunday was a beautiful day, and luckily there was a pretty nice breeze going, but it was humid and hot, too. I definitely did my shorts and racerback tank tan lines no favors that day. Summer may be over, but those tan lines aren't going ANYWHERE.

Aside from running, I also got in some cooking AND baking in this weekend! I'd been itching to make another Mama Pea recipe, and when I saw her Thai fried quinoa a couple of weeks back, I bookmarked it, ordered all the necessary supplies from FreshDirect, and cooked it Saturday afternoon after my 8 mile treadmill run.
Quinoa cooking in coconut milk and veggie broth,
scallions, peas and pineapples in the skillet
It was one of the easiest recipes I've ever made, and one of the most delicious (if I do say so myself!). I'm still working my way through it for lunch this week, but it is so tasty and so simple! Definitely make it soon!

On Saturday, I noticed a picture of some delicious looking cookies by Kelly pop up in my Twitter feed with the comment that cookies have been fueling her NYCM training. Instantly, I decided I needed more cookies in my training, so I commented on them and started searching her blog for the recipe. But before I could even find them, she responded with the link to the cookie recipe! So as a reward to myself for an awesome week of running, and in the spirit of fueling for this weekend's 20 mile run, I baked a batch.
Seriously, these are some amaaaazing cookies. Also easy, kind of healthy (applesauce replaces some of the butter, agave replaces the white chocolate, and everyone knows oats and dark chocolate are good for you!), and absolutely delicious. I've been helping myself to  one  three every day. Definitely helping my running, I'm sure!

Topping all of the running, cooking and baking?
Pumpkin ale!
What? Beer drinking is good for running recovery! It's science!

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