Monday, January 23, 2012

Good news

I got some AWESOME news on Thursday morning. First, I waited for an hour in the waiting room, followed by some more waiting in the exam room. But it was soooo worth it! Dr. Metzl came in, asked what I'd been up to, poked around on my leg a bit and cleared me to run again! Six weeks was a long time to take off, but I'm glad it got me into P90X and taught me to be smarter the next time.

So did I dash off to Central Park the moment I was cleared to run? No, no I didn't. I somehow reined in my excitement and waited TWO WHOLE DAYS before running. I know, crazy. Thursday I was lucky enough to be invited to a free session at Pure Yoga, and I decided to go for an 8pm Forrest yoga class.
Description from the site:
Forrest Yoga is an inspiring yoga method that engages the core through strong abdominal exercises and builds flexibility, intelligence and strength. Forrest Yoga uses heat, deep breathing and vigorous sequences to awaken the senses, sweat out toxins, release emotions stored in body tissues and deepen connection to spirit. Erica's classes are fun and challenging, with special attention given to alignment and breath.
It was just what I needed after a busy week at work (yes, it was only a four-day week, but it was busy!). I really loved this class. There was a breathing method that I'd never done before (kind of closing the throat some and breathing in and out through the nose, so (as Erica put it) you can "hear the ocean"). During savasana, she asked us to look deep inside and allow words to float to the top. They did so for me, and it made me feel so relaxed and clear-headed. Like I said, it was just what I needed. Too bad I probably couldn't even afford a membership, but I'm so glad I can take advantage of these offers that they have from time to time.

Friday was Core Synergistics, which is actually a really fun P90X workout. I swear, the hour flies by, and my core was hurtin' the next day! Oh, and Friday was also game night at my friends' apartment.
Wine, boardgames and friends, what's not to love?
We played Cranium, Taboo and some other games I forget. There were probably 15 people there, and we had a great time. I hope we do it again soon!

Saturday was the day I finally made it to the gym to run a very easy 2 miles...but not before venturing into the snow to meet up with some friends and see the 3D version of Beauty & the Beast. Belle is one of the best Disney princesses (bookworm and brave? And can see inner beauty in a really mean beast? What's not to love?!).
Shawna, me and Katie, 3D glasses ready to go!
I don't think I got to see it in the theater when it originally came out, so it was fun to go and see it with friends. (And in case you were wondering, we were the only people in the theater who were not there with kids...)

Afterward, Shawna and I hit the gym nearby and I ran my first run in six weeks. And it was awesome. I walked a quarter mile, then ran 2 miles easy, going from 6.0 mph to 6.4 mph. I felt great the whole time, and wanted to go for longer, but knew it would probably be smarter to just go 2 miles. I was happy the whole time, and was just sooo happy to be back to running! Nothing felt weird, I didn't feel like I needed to relearn how to run, and I was just so grateful that I could run again! YAY!

Next up: a half-marathon on March 17. A week later, P90X ends (what will I do with myself?!), so till then I'm going to be running three days a week and continuing with P90X as usual. I think I'll be able to do both...fingers crossed!


  1. Congrats on being able to run again!!

    1. Thank you, Rebecca! I'm sooo excited about it :)