Friday, July 16, 2010

Still here!

I'm still here! I'm still training, still a little injured (but am SO much better!), still not running outdoors nearly as much as I should. I moved apartments, I went to Boston for July 4th, and then went home last weekend. I attempted a midday 10 mile run last weekend when I was home in Virginia, but even with the CamelBak it was WAY too hot and WAY too humid. It was kind of pathetic, but I blame the humidity and heat. Something about running on asphalt in the middle of a hot day...the heat just rises up from the asphalt and attacks. It's awful.

Needless to say, I did not finish the 10 miles, but did make it to 5.5 miles! Since long runs are so important in training, I'm making up for the 10 miler tomorrow by tacking on six miles to my four-mile race. It's gonna be another scorcher, but luckily I'll be running in the morning so hopefully it won't be TOO bad.

Yesterday morning I set out for a five mile run, and since I moved to the Upper East Side, I'm now conveniently located very close to Central Park! Something about the sciatica in my right leg makes me a little nervous about running. I just KNOW that it's going to hurt afterward and I anticipate that pain before I've even stepped out of bed. But this run was good! I started out slow, but felt better and better as I went so I turned the easy run into a tempo run. I'm still not NEARLY as fast as I was before, but I'm happy! Check out the map and stats below:

I loved being in Central Park -- seeing so many healthy runners and cyclists working out so early in the morning was super motivating! I definitely plan on doing more runs in CP now that I'm so close!

Another great motivator? Amazing workout clothes. I went to lululemon at the mall last week in Virginia and picked up two pairs of lululemon running shorts. And now, I am obsessed. They are amazing. I mean, AMAZING.
The waistband is a 3" band that is actually flattering -- or at least, not unflattering... It doesn't dig into my waist, which is a huge plus. The seams are flat, so there's no chafing either. Honestly, they're just the best shorts I've ever owned, ever. I just wish they weren't so darn expensive!

Well, I have a race tomorrow -- the Central Park Conservancy Run. And it's almost 10pm. Sooo that means I'm going to head to bed! And hopefully I'll be better about blogging in the future! :)

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  1. good luck on the race! hope it went (or goes?) well. those shorts are so cute! wearing them for the race? p.s. would LOVE to go shopping in NY! we aren't going to be there very long though (booo). and are already struggling to figure out how to fit everything in. thinking of going into the city on the 2nd and meeting up with everyone who is nearby for dinner. hopefully that will work for you? xx