Sunday, June 6, 2010

Japan Day Run

Today was the Japan Day Run. I didn't have a great race -- 4 miles in 40:48. I did go into it just thinking of it as my workout for the day and that time didn't matter (which I still feel is true), but I felt SO slow and sluggish the whole way. My legs felt like sandbags. Even Glee's "Like A Prayer" couldn't help me pick up my pace! In all I suppose it could have been worse, but it was definitely not my best race. Oh well.

I guess it's just sort of making me worried about marathon training this summer. Granted, the long runs are usually run at a slower pace anyway, but it is HOT in New York in the summer! I suppose I can always run along the river instead of Central Park (for some reason Central Park tends to get little to no wind on the running path), but since I'm moving to the UES Central Park will be sooo much more convenient than the Hudson! And I will have my CamelBak to keep me hydrated. And I can always get up incredibly early and knock the run out before it gets hot. So maybe it won't be so bad!

Here's my Garmin info from the race:

Well, marathon training will be starting quite soon. This coming week I'm going to cross train and do some running but probably not too much. Next weekend I'll be at the beach so I'll definitely try to squeeze in a run even when I'm relaxing! And then...marathon training will begin. I am still researching training plans -- I've heard good things about Hal Higdon, and in the past I've just used the Runner's World training program (subscription required). I guess I'll just talk to a few people and see what worked for them! I'm looking for about a 16-week program to start around June 21. I'll let you know which one I go with!

I'm off to bed -- had quite a weekend in the sun (maybe that's why I was so slow!) and am wiped!


  1. Keep up the good work! I would have collapsed after mile 1 in that heat!

  2. I think you did great. Don't be so hard on yourself!