Sunday, May 9, 2010

Getting back

I took a week (OK, 10 days) off from blogging, and I've taken a week off from running while I figure out what's going on with my legs. I've been to a physical therapist who was great but too expensive, so I'm starting over at a new physical therapy (PT) place on Friday. The first place I went to was very thorough in their evaluation and I definitely learned a lot -- I'm too mobile in some places and not flexible enough in others; I've built up certain quad muscles too much and haven't built up others enough; and my knee surgery from almost 10 years ago has affected the way that I run. I'm hoping to start a physical therapy program soon so I avoid any other injuries before the marathon in October.

I have a couple big races coming up in the next month (Brooklyn half-marathon on May 22, aaahhh!) and I haven't been running too much so I'm a little bit concerned with that...tomorrow I'm going to go for a run outdoors (I was so cold today and I may well have to dig up my winter running clothes!) and just hope for the best! My legs are definitely feeling better, and I've been doing the elliptical, erg and total body conditioning class to keep up my fitness. It's not running, but I'm hoping I can get it back soon enough. Maybe if I don't do well in Brooklyn I'll just have to do the Queens half-marathon again! :)

Here's a map of a run I did a little while ago:

I changed it up and ran along the East River -- it's a nice run as well, but I definitely prefer the West Side Highway.

I also made a delicious Recipe for Health last week, but forgot to take a picture of it...I'll post on it soon enough though. And I got a CamelBak for running during the summer -- pretty excited about it! I figured it would be rather necessary since I'll be running long distances in July, August and September in preparation for the marathon, and it would be pretty awful to be without water in those months...

Anyway, that's what's been happening in my world recently. I think I've been a little down about not really being able to run, but with Friday's PT appointment I hope I can get back to it and start strengthening my muscles to run injury-free!

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