Monday, March 22, 2010

You may be right...

...I may be crazy, but I just signed up for the Brooklyn Half-Marathon. It takes place four weeks after the More/Fitness Magazine Half-Marathon, which I think will be plenty of time between races. Since I ran in the Queens Half-Marathon last year, I thought I might try to run a half-marathon in a different borough each year. It'll be a great way to check out Brooklyn, it will definitely be fun, and it ends in Coney Island -- I've never been there before! Plus, my coworker may do it as well, and what better way to build a team than a little competition... :)

This week, thank goodness, is a pullback week. I have no idea if that's the right term for it, but that's what I've been calling it. Basically, for every week of training, you increase mileage by about 10% for three weeks, then decrease your mileage the fourth week to help you rest up for the following week. In the past three weeks, I run 21 miles week 1, 22 miles week 2, and 24 miles week 3. This week I'll just run 18 miles, but next week is 25 miles. See how that works? Pretty nifty, and it definitely seems to work. With a vacation on the horizon and a pullback week this week, I am certain I'll be ready for those 25 miles next week!

Not that I'm much of an outdoor runner in the pre-daylight hours anyway, but NYC is rainy and foggy and chilly today, which is not my favorite combination for a run. So I stuck to the trusty treadmill: I ran five miles at 6.0 mph and felt pretty great! I can't WAIT to go to L.A. and run around outside in the 72 degrees and sunny weather...ahhh, I can see it now!!!

OK, so that's from my San Diego trip last year, but I imagine L.A. will be somewhat similar, no?

Speaking of, does anyone have any must-see sights or must-eat restaurants while in L.A. (aside from In 'N' Out...)? I did live in L.A. for a year, but I was a wee freshman in college and didn't have a car to get around. Any and all ideas would be appreciated!

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  1. You've been bitten by the racing bug! It is really addictive; one year I charted out all the races I wanted to run and it was pretty much a race every 2-3 weeks during the summer, so I had to decide which I really wanted to do.

    I've noticed I do well on the 3:1 week thing of a cut back week for every 3 weeks of "hard" running, too. It definitely helps not to overtrain or just get too fatigued.